When was the last time you sat down with paper and pen and wrote? I don’t mean you wrote a grocery list or scribbled a short note. I mean you sat and scribbled pages of notes. If you’re like many people, it has been ages since you put pen to paper.

When I get stuck trying to think of blog post ideas, I take out pen and paper and just write.

Just let the creativity flow. I find it freeing to be away from devices. It feels like what I like to call Writer’s High. It’s like runners’ high – and I love it! Sniff, crumple, start a fresh page. Just get writing.

102 Blog Post Ideas

  1. What sets your business apart from the competition
  2. How to Select [insert your profession]
  3. Why we would hire someone who does what you do
  4. Questions to ask before hiring [insert your profession]
  5. Tips – Share best practices for your business or industry
  6. How to Do Something [estate plan, sell your house — related to your business]
  7. Quote that inspires you and why
  8. News about how you’re involved in the local community
  9. New (or relaunched) Services My Business Offers
  10. How to Start Something
  11. How to Finish Something
  12. Why I Do Something – ex – Why I meditate every morning and how it helps me relate to my clients
  13. Answer the most asked questions about your industry
  14. What a first appointment with you is like
  15. What problem does your business solve
  16. Opinion of something controversial
  17. Opposite of what you do – I might do a post about why you shouldn’t be a blogger or why you need to quit social media.
  18. Favorite television show and how it relates to your business
  19. What you learned from your grandparents that helps you in business
  20. What you wish you’d known before you started your business
  21. How to start a business
  22. Case Studies – Client came to me with this problem. We did this. Here’s the result.
  23. Top Industry Leaders or Most Admired
  24. Profile of a new employee
  25. Weekly tips and tricks
  26. Guest blog posts (posts from other people)
  27. How to decide something
  28. How to plan something
  29. Ways to do something – ways to volunteer or live green, for ex.
  30. Blog post round up – list the best blog posts you’ve read this week
  31. Recommended reading – book review or why you like a book
  32. People you admire
  33. Events that inspire
  34. People that inspire
  35. Interview someone interesting
  36. Favorite authors
  37. Favorite magazines
  38. Favorite stores
  39. Favorite pairs of shoes
  40. Favorite presidents
  41. Favorite bloggers (hint hint)
  42. Favorite hashtags
  43. Favorite tweeps (people on Twitter)
  44. Why I Do Something (drink coffee, roller skate, etc.)
  45. How to become a [insert your profession]
  46. Networking tips
  47. Your philosophy on networking and referring business
  48. Questions to ask when meeting a new prospect
  49. Describe your business process
  50. Holiday related – why you love a particular holiday
  51. What you’ve learned by watching a show, celebrity, etc.
  52. Reasons to love something
  53. Reasons to love someone
  54. Reasons to dislike someone
  55. Reasons to dislike something
  56. Reasons to Unfriend
  57. Reasons to Unfollow
  58. Reasons to Use Something (the light rail, for example)
  59. Reasons NOT to use something
  60. Commentary on a current event
  61. Versus – cat vs. dog for example
  62. How to Select
  63. Why You Need
  64. Product endorsement
  65. Product review
  66. Difference between two things
  67. How to dis-similar things are similar (similarities of men and women for ex.)
  68. Event review
  69. Event promotion
  70. Restaurant review
  71. Movie review
  72. How to be Something (How to be a Success, How to be an Investment Banker)
  73. How to be a Friend
  74. Why You Should do Something
  75. How to Avoid Something
  76. Why Something/Someone Failed
  77. Why Something/Someone Succeeded
  78. Why You Should NOT do Something
  79. Similarities between two people or things
  80. Travel or destination (Paris 101, for ex.)
  81. What I did on my summer vacation
  82. How to Prepare for Something
  83. What we can learn from a person
  84. What we can learn from an event
  85. What we can learn from a place
  86. How to Make Something
  87. How to Destroy Something
  88. Selecting Something (a new car, a name for a puppy, etc.)
  89. Chronological
  90. Photos only
  91. Best of
  92. Worst of
  93. Persuasive
  94. Comical
  95. Share an experience
  96. Things I think about in the morning
  97. The last thing I think of before I go to sleep
  98. What I listen to when I work
  99. Choosing a new something (puppy, job, spouse, etc.)
  100. Why X is better than Y
  101. Types of Things
  102. Types of people
  103. Things that wake me in the middle of the night
  104. Things I would do if I didn’t need sleep

I encourage you to try something different. Even if it’s not putting paper to pen. Take the bus. Ride the train. Take a new route to work. I can’t wait to hear what you do to create a new experience that develops your blog post ideas!