As a ghostblogger I have the opportunity to write on a variety of topics for a variety of businesses and industries. Whether it is a career coach, employee recognition expert, health and wellness expert or a host of other businesses, there are blog post ideas that work for any business. Readers want to hear about your business, learn your tips and tricks and understand how your business benefits them.

Here are five blog post ideas for business:

  1. How You Help Your Clients: Tell your readers how your business can benefit them personally and/or in business. If your business is Send Out Cards, explain the benefits of sending a thank you note. If you offer eco-friendly products, explain how these products create a safer home. Whatever your business there are benefits to your clients – so tell them about it!
  2. Tips for [insert industry or specialty]: People love lists of tips for almost anything. Tips for creating scrapbook memories for your family. Tips for making your home eco-friendly. Tips for making a family dinner. Whatever your specialty or area of interest for your business is what you tell your readers about in a blog post.
  3. What sets your business apart from the competition? Readers and/or prospective clients want to know what sets your business apart from others in the same or similar industry. What differentiates your business in the marketplace? I know a mobile massage therapist. She loves her work so much she goes to her clients’ homes to give them massages! She offers competitive rates compared to non-mobile therapists – that’s serious customer service at affordable prices!
  4. How to [insert something related to your business]: If you’re a stay at home mom blogger, tell your readers how to get the kids ready for school on time or how to create family friendly meals everyone enjoys. Tell us how to convert your home cleaning products to eco-friendly options or how to find a family friendly dentist. Your readers love hearing from you because you’re the expert!
  5. Photos are your friend: People love photos so include photos in your post or posts about your photos. If you’re exhibiting at an expo, take a picture of your booth and tell your readers about the expo. Take a picture of your office or desk and ask readers to share their photos too. People love to be engaged in your day to day activities. It’s a simple way to drive traffic to your blog.

Share your blog in the comments and let’s get connected! No time to blog? That’s okay because we can ghostwrite posts under your guidance. Contact us today at 480-206-6452 to learn more.

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