Thank you to our guest blogger Tabitha Dumas of Tabitha Dumas Blog

When I speak to groups of professionals and job seekers all over the Phoenix valley, I say the same thing: “YOU are the face of your business.” Whether a small business owner or a one-person show, WE are our best advertisement.

As a savvy shopper, color pro, Certified Image Consultant and entrepreneur myself, here are my tips for affordable entrepreneur style.

One:: Streamline your wardrobe.

Start with decluttering and organizing your wardrobe then take inventory and make a list of what pieces you need. Capsule wardrobes are great for entrepreneurs because they take the guesswork out of getting dressed and save time and money when shopping. A capsule wardrobe is about 30 pieces in a limited color palette that are versatile and all coordinate.

Choose two or three neutrals (mine are black and denim), a main statement color (or what I call a Signature Color, learn more here: mine is turquoise) and two to three accent colors (mine are magenta and royal blue). Then all your accessories and shoes just need to fit into that color palette.

Two:: Shop smarter.

Armed with your list and color palette, invest in staples of higher quality that will last longer. Shop secondhand to save money and find unique pieces. Become familiar with your nearby thrift and consignment stores. Learn what brands you love and what your size is to save time. Resist impulse buys especially just because something is on sale. Do, however, keep an open mind when you see something fabulous for a steal–those are items you might not buy at full price but that will help you curate your “signature look.”

Three:: Consider a uniform.

My favorite outfit is skinny jeans or fitted pants, a flowy top and pretty jewelry (in fun colors, of course). I have several pairs of pants I love and wear constantly but I enjoy switching out the tops and jewelry. Also think about having a neutral wardrobe with pops of color in your accessories vs. a colorful wardrobe with neutral accessories. Any type of uniform will help you save time and money.

Four:: Accessorize.

Accessories make an outfit and make you look more put together. Plus they’re affordable. You could wear the same three pieces for a week and, with the right accessories, no one would notice. Shoes, bags, scarves and even your water bottle can go a long way toward elevating your image.

Five:: Embrace color. 

Color is what gets you noticed and makes you memorable. The colors you wear should flatter you and send the right message. It helps to know your Color Code which you can read more about here: Be especially aware of the colors you wear near your face since the right ones will tone down imperfections, brighten your eyes and color your cheeks. If you wear the right colors, even your thrifted outfit or coziest sweater will look sensational!

Affordable entrepreneur style is all about dressing in a way that sends the right message about you and your brand…without wrecking your budget. Your image should make you irresistible and leave people thinking, “Whatever she does, I want to work with her!” I hope these tips help you elevate your image every time you step outside.

Tabitha calls herself a child of God, wife, mother of three, beauty chaser and imperfectionist and is passionate about helping people live up to their potential colorfully and confidently. She’s a community volunteer, author and speaker in the Phoenix east valley as well as the business development and marketing director for OnaMission Home Painting and creator of Signature Color Style. Visit her blog at or visit her Resources page: