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Are you ready for business growth for small business? We are here to share how we are cracking the online sphere, even if your business has traditionally operated with no online presence. If you are ready for growth, consider online or digital marketing.

Over the last 20-30 years, business growth has been tied to having an online presence and owners do this for many reasons. Some want to take the business in a new direction. While others do it because they’re worried their business won’t succeed without being online. Sadly, there are many business owners who are struggling now due in large part to COVID-19.

While the outlook is grim overall, many owners are choosing to take matters into their own hands and reposition. Restaurants are one of the best examples. Many are moving from dine-in to take-out or meal prep packaging. Others converted their shops to retail sales of ingredients, whether their products or most-wanted items like toilet paper and the like.

Each industry is unique so the needs for business growth are different. Let us look at how your business can move from brick and mortar to also being online.

Business Growth for small business: Websites are necessary.

When thinking about business growth, think about your customers or clients. What problem does your business solve for them? Can they find your business online? What is their online experience like? Whatever your industry, customers need to know how to reach you. Talk about their experience, by getting feedback as well as card sorting and UX, or User Experience, when they interact with your business and existing website.

The website needs to speak to users, your customers, and prospects, in ways that make sense. As a quick reference, we recommend the following:

• Customer experience and feedback
• Competitive intelligence
• Analytics review

For a website to be effective, it needs to be layered and ordered the right way for it to be successful. Do your due diligence and test it. Launching, and telling everyone it is only for some fatal flaw to undermine what is going on can be deadly.

Business Growth for small business: Drive Traffic

No one is going to use your website if they do not know it is there. You need to shout about it or what we like to call, driving visitors to the website. Inform customers in-person and with newsletters, emails, and signage, that you are now online or that you have redesigned the website.

Let them know they can now order online for pick-up or delivery. Develop content that speaks to your target audience keeping in mind its relevance.

Business Growth for small business: Leverage Social Media

Take the content you’ve created and share on social media, in addition to content that is relevant to your followers. Keep in mind that you do not need to be on every social media site. Social media for small businesses is highly targeted; only spend time where your customers and prospects are spending time. Be consistent in publishing so your audience stays engaged; this keeps them interested in your business and not the competition.

Business growth for small business is about cracking the online sphere. Creating an online presence for your brand takes time but is worth the effort when new customers walk through your door.