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While many marketing tasks can be automated, like social media, in this article we explore the question can content marketing be automated?

The short version is that content marketing remains a task that is best delegated to humans. Automation, while good for some tasks, needs to be manual especially when it comes to content writing, updating a website, and adding videos to YouTube channels.

The good news is that certain tasks within content marketing can be automated to save time. You may not be able to rely on automated plug-ins to produce unique blog content, but you can use these tools to automatically share content to social media. Below are just some of the ways in which you can incorporate automation into content marketing.

Content Marketing Can Be Automated: Sharing on Social Media

After publishing a blog post or YouTube video, it is a good practice to also share via social media channels. Automatic sharing tools can do this for you to save you time. Some of these tools don’t just allow you to automatically share content but can also be used to schedule posts for specific key times or to even reshare old posts. Sites such as Brand Glow Up offer tools for automating social media content.

Emailing Content to Subscribers

Use automated tools to email new blog posts and videos to subscribers the moment they are published. Create an initial format so you’re not simply sharing a link. MailChimp and other email services offer tools that can be used in conjunction with a WordPress website to schedule emails when new content is added.

Maintaining Style with Templates

Maintaining the same style and format across all content can be important for maintaining brand consistency. Document building software as found at can be utilized to automatically create templates across all forms of a document from newsletters to flyers. This can save you a lot of time whenever you go to build a new document.

Automating Content Marketing by Promoting Content via Ad Campaigns

Many paid ad sharing platforms such as Facebook Promoted Posts and Google Display Network rely on automation. Utilize demographic parameters, set a budget, and automate content to your demographic. Using paid automated ad campaigns is an often-effective way to share content and build brand recognition.

Using Analytics to Review Content Performance

Analytics tools like those offered by Google are an easy and affordable way to see how content is performing. Yes, content marketing can be automated but you want to be sure you’re checking in manually to see how it is performing. It’s possible to allow analytics tools to automatically send reports so that you can be informed when certain content is performing well. New Media Campaigns offers additional information about how to enable automated reporting.

When it comes to answering the question of whether content marketing can be automated, we think it is a combination of automation and the human touch that makes content marketing campaigns successful.