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Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love

Do you want more readers on your blog? If you’re like most bloggers, the answer is a resounding YES. Of course we want more people to read our musings. Readers want to connect with you as if you’re a friend sitting on a couch sharing stories and cups of tea or glasses of wine. How do we accomplish this? We offer the following blog post ideas: Make your blog post relevant. Your readers want you to answer their questions. They want to hear your best practices or how your product or service can help make their lives better. Readers...

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How to Use Your Blog to Tell a Story about your Business

Your business website isn’t a stagnant marketing tool like a business card. It doesn’t just sit around looking pretty or it shouldn’t if you want to make the investment of a website worth your effort. A business website should be used to breathe life into your business and brand. The most affordable and effective way to build your brand online is to blog on a consistent basis and use your blog to tell a story about your business. First things first. You must be clear about who your target client is or no marketing (blogging, social media, website, etc.)...

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I blogged for free and it sucked. But that was my fault.

Over the last year I’ve received requests to write for other blogs or to mention other brands in my blog posts. None of them had ever been the right fit until recently. I was asked to write a post about staying inspired when your freelance business is slow. It seemed like a good fit for my project site The Solopreneur Blog. They agreed. I wrote the post. I seamlessly weaved mentions of their brand into the post.   I included their infographic as they had requested. I blogged for free and it sucked.  But that was my fault.  I...

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you have a blog on your website and aren’t adding content on a consistent schedule, you’re missing a piece of your marketing plan and an opportunity to speak to your target client and your business needs a blog. A blog is the most affordable way to establish yourself as an expert and distinguish yourself from the competition.  Not to mention that Google loves new, relevant content; it helps the site get ranked higher in searches. When was the last time you added content to your website? Many businesses have websites designed only to leave it hanging on the...

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How to Use Your Blog for Business

How do you use your blog for business? If you’re like a lot of business owners, you’re not using it at all. Stop whatever you’re doing and start thinking about creating content right now. 55% of websites with blogs get more visitors Blogs are rated the 5th most trusted online resource. 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post. Blogging needs to be part of every business marketing plan because of the value it brings to your business. It’s a commitment that can pay off by establishing you as the expert, creating a voice for...

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Why You Need to Identify Your Blogging Target Market

Back in 2009, I began blogging for fun. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I had a clear target market for my blog — updating friends and family about my life in Arizona. As the blog developed into a business blog, it became a hodge podge of personal, business, blogging, and social media posts. I just didn’t want the trouble of running more than one blog and it became a problem. Colleagues began asking me what my blogging target market was and I had three all crammed into one blog. Once I realized I had three target...

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Why You Need a Blog Editorial Calendar

It is becoming more and more clear that my clients and I need to have a plan bigger than “I will blog about your business for you.” We need an editorial calendar of topics and sources from which I can work. That way they know what I am writing. I know it’s approved by them. And it saves time for both of us. Why You Need a Blog Editorial Calendar  Mapping your blog. Whether you have a ghostblogger likeme writing for you or you’re writing your own posts, an editorial calendar provides a roadmap of topics on which you’re...

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Tips for Creating Content People Want to Read

Just because Google wants you to add content to your website, doesn’t mean you should hit publish after every phrase you write. People want better content. They want content that helps them in a meaningful way or makes them feel something intense or creates a better life for them or their family. When we’re writing for the sake of writing, no one cares. Lots of content is a recycled and less effective version of what’s already available. The content is being created for the sake of SEO and nothing else. You aren’t solving a problem for your readers. When...

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