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Increase Your Chances Of Survival: Importance of Building An Emergency Fund For Your Business

This is a sponsored post. McAuley Freelance Writing, LLC dba Blogging Badass was paid to publish this post, Increase Your Chances of Survival: Importance of Building an Emergency Fund for your Business. The emergency fund is a common concept in personal finances. Having a savings account with a bit of money to cover any unexpected expenses can get you out of a bind and help you to avoid borrowing. This concept works exactly the same in business and all businesses should have an emergency fund to fall back on. If you hit a slow period and you are struggling...

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Business Growth for Small Business: Cracking the Online Sphere

This is a sponsored post. McAuley Freelance Writing, LLC dba Blogging Badass was paid to publish this post, Business Growth: Cracking the Online Sphere. Are you ready for business growth for small business? We are here to share how we are cracking the online sphere, even if your business has traditionally operated with no online presence. If you are ready for growth, consider online or digital marketing. Over the last 20-30 years, business growth has been tied to having an online presence and owners do this for many reasons. Some want to take the business in a new direction....

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Hiring a PPC Agency to Manage Pay-Per-Click Ads

This is a sponsored post. McAuley Freelance Writing, LLC dba Blogging Badass was paid to publish this post, Hiring a PPC Agency to manage Pay-Per-Click Ads. With many online marketing options available, which one is right for your business? Online marketing experts will tell you it depends on the type of business, industry, budget, target market, and goals. Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is relatively common across industries as it is an easy way to attract users through targeted ads. For some, it makes sense to hire a Pay-Per-Click or PPC agency. Hiring a Pay-Per-Click Agency to Manage PPC Ads...

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Marketing Your Online Business: Four Questions to Ask

This is a sponsored post. McAuley Freelance Writing, LLC dba Blogging Badass was paid to publish this post, Marketing Your Online Business: Four Questions to Consider.  Are you thinking about marketing your online business? If so, there are a few factors to consider. We’ve got four questions to get you started and to hopefully help you avoid making mistakes as you promote products and services.  What is the budget for your online business? While business owners may have money to spend on marketing, it is likely not an infinite amount. Analyze expenses to determine the cost versus benefit for...

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Affordable Entrepreneur Style

Thank you to our guest blogger Tabitha Dumas of Tabitha Dumas Blog!  When I speak to groups of professionals and job seekers all over the Phoenix valley, I say the same thing: “YOU are the face of your business.” Whether a small business owner or a one-person show, WE are our best advertisement. As a savvy shopper, color pro, Certified Image Consultant and entrepreneur myself, here are my tips for affordable entrepreneur style. One:: Streamline your wardrobe. Start with decluttering and organizing your wardrobe then take inventory and make a list of what pieces you need. Capsule wardrobes are great...

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One Look, Three Ways – 3 Ways to Style a Simple Black T-Shirt

Thank you to our guest blogger Jessi Russell of with photo courtesy of Riss Rahm Photography, used with permission. It’s good to have a closet filled with endless outfit ideas but it can get confusing. Make the most of your wardrobe when you have a black t-shirt; it’s one look three ways with this essential piece. Our brains love habit. It’s a fact. Often that’s good but it’s easy to limit the number of outfits we can create, causing us to want to shop more, when we don’t explore the possibilities in our closet. Think about this example:...

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How to Balance Work and Home Life as an Entrepreneur

Thank you to our guest blogger Natalie McKee of Nursing Shoe Heaven for offering her insight into how to balance work and home life as an entrepreneur. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule, but I never set out to become an entrepreneur. My virtual assistant business blossomed my freelance writing into a real career, but I didn’t do a good job of keeping a barrier between work and life when I started out. It was a challenge to balance work and home life as an entrepreneur. I remember late one night telling my husband I needed to do “just one more...

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Three Ways to Make Your About Me Page Engaging

Writing an About Me page is a vulnerable task. Talking about ourselves in order to persuade others to connect, to change, or to do business with us can force us out our comfort zone and into a spiral of doubt and overwhelm: Where do I begin? How do I cram decades of experience into 300 words? Does this even sound like me? I give up!  Here are three ways you can stop spinning your wheels and start engaging your audience with the authentic you. 1.    Start your About Me Page with the right hook. Your hook is an emotional...

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What You Need to Know for Your Small Business Website (Guest)

When you’re about to launch your first website, it’s hard to know what you really need and what’s just an unnecessary expense. There are a lot of platforms, both free and paid, that allow you to build a blog with the push of a button, such as Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace, Blogger, and many others. Those can be useful if your site is for a hobby. But if you’re launching a real business, you’ll want to self-host your website. Self-hosting means your website is totally under your control. Self-hosting sounds technical and confusing, but it’s actually really easy. All you...

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