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Are you paralyzed at the thought of writing a blog post? Read This.

Are you paralyzed at the thought of writing a blog post? Do you write blog posts and never publish them? Are you writing a post for hours or over the course of days? It’s time to stop overthinking your blog post. Have something to say and say it. Keep it pithy – short, concise, and to the point. Carry a notebook with you at all times. Make notes of ideas, phrases, or situations that you may write for your blog. Take your notes and make a list of blog post topics or titles. Use that list each time you...

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What NOT to do as a Professional Blogger

When I decided to become a professional blogger, I did it with my ass on fire and really had no idea what it meant to be a professional blogger or social media manager. All I knew was that I had been laid off from corporate America and wanted to pursue my dream of being a writer. A dream, 14 weeks of severance, crash courses in blogging, social media, and networking, and I was ready (ish) to go. Over the years I’ve offered a variety of writing services to my clients. The projects didn’t always turn out the way I...

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you have a blog on your website and aren’t adding content on a consistent schedule, you’re missing a piece of your marketing plan and an opportunity to speak to your target client and your business needs a blog. A blog is the most affordable way to establish yourself as an expert and distinguish yourself from the competition.  Not to mention that Google loves new, relevant content; it helps the site get ranked higher in searches. When was the last time you added content to your website? Many businesses have websites designed only to leave it hanging on the...

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Why You Need to Identify Your Blogging Target Market

Back in 2009, I began blogging for fun. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I had a clear target market for my blog — updating friends and family about my life in Arizona. As the blog developed into a business blog, it became a hodge podge of personal, business, blogging, and social media posts. I just didn’t want the trouble of running more than one blog and it became a problem. Colleagues began asking me what my blogging target market was and I had three all crammed into one blog. Once I realized I had three target...

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Why You Need a Blog Editorial Calendar

It is becoming more and more clear that my clients and I need to have a plan bigger than “I will blog about your business for you.” We need an editorial calendar of topics and sources from which I can work. That way they know what I am writing. I know it’s approved by them. And it saves time for both of us. Why You Need a Blog Editorial Calendar  Mapping your blog. Whether you have a ghostblogger likeme writing for you or you’re writing your own posts, an editorial calendar provides a roadmap of topics on which you’re...

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Why You Need to Start Writing Blog Posts for Your Business Website

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, “Stop overthinking and start writing blog posts,” to business owners, I’d be close to retirement. Over the last few months I’ve learned there are an infinite number of distractions that prevent us from blogging or doing whatever it is we need to be doing for our business. Focus, managing priorities and time, and having a simple, executable plan are keys to making blogging a priority. My Biggest Challenges Every week I add topics to my editorial calendar in the hopes that I will start writing for this blog, my...

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