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At some point, you will end up being unsure what to write about on your blog. Your virtual writer’s block will frustrate the hell out of you, and you may even wonder if there’s any point in even maintaining a blog anymore! If you’re seeking content ideas for a business blog, we offer tips to re-inspire you!

A brilliant fact about inspiration is that you can take it from almost anywhere. You could feel inspired in the least likely of places or times, and you’ll feel excited again about writing fresh content that packs a punch.

Take a Break From Technology

If you force yourself to seek inspiration, you’ll likely cause your brain to have some kind of blogging meltdown. To that end, you should shut down your computer, step away from it, and go for a walk.

Focusing on something other than work will clear your mind and conjure up creative ideas you can use on your blog. Of course, if you don’t want to go for a walk, do something fun like spending time with your friends or engage in your favorite pastime!

See Some Motivational Speakers

Another idea for gaining some inspiration is seeing some motivational speakers – ones that are well-known figures in your industry. For example, Lance Bachmann, the Digital Lion, can inspire you on SEO and online marketing-related topics.

Depending on the COVID-19 situation in your area, you may need to see your favorite motivational speakers via an online video link. In any case, their words can inspire you to curate brilliant new content for your blog.

Research Google Trends

Have you ever used (or heard of) Google Trends? It’s a free tool that Google makes available to everyone. In a nutshell, Google Trends gives you powerful insight into the topics that matter most to people using their search engine. It may give you inspiration for content ideas for a business blog!

Your blog likely focuses on a specific niche. With that in mind, you can type in some keywords or phrases related to your blog for inspirational content ideas. Google Trends will also give you examples of related keywords and phrases to check out.

Use a Content Idea Generator

Did you know some websites offer free content idea generators? They are online tools that give you some inspirational titles and headlines you can use for your future blog post ideas. It’s worth noting they won’t create ready-to-use blog posts for you to upload into WordPress.

What they will do is give you some angles or concepts to consider for your future content. The way a content idea generator works is simple: you give it a keyword or phrase, and it spits out dozens of suggestions.

You’ll need to refine the titles and headlines a bit, as some won’t make sense. However, they’re great for getting you started when you’ve got virtual writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write!

Final Thoughts – Content Ideas for Business Blog

It’s never fun running out of content ideas for a blog. You don’t want to force creative writing; it’s something that should happen naturally. The above ideas will give you some inspiration to reboot the creative side of your brain and continue with your excellent work.