New ContentCreating content takes time and energy….and lots of it. All too often I hear business owners say they don’t have time or resources to write on their blog or post to social media. When I ask why, they say they just don’t see the value. Many say they get clients through referrals and they don’t need to be found online.

Creating content is essential to your business being found online, and ahead of your competition in search engine results.

What happens when the referral pipeline runs dry?

Building a business based solely on referrals means relying on others to send you leads. While that is good, and is how I built my business, there comes a time when we have to generate our own leads.

For me, generating my own leads means creating content for my blog while also ghostwriting for client blogs. It keeps the business moving forward while creating opportunities for attracting my target market. [Let’s be honest, by “moving forward” I mean ongoing client work and income.]

What is the value of creating content?

The value of creating useful content can be seen at the bottom line. Websites creating consistent, useful content will be found higher in search engine results. This is due in large part to the updates to the Google algorithm.

It’s not about keywords anymore….sort of

Write posts that answer your clients’ questions, make statements about topics trending online in your industry, and, if your business is focused in one geographic area, post about the community. This will get your website found online. We call it organic search engine optimization.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t know your keywords. It’s only to say that if you don’t have resources to pay someone to research keywords, you can still be found higher in search engine results based on the content you’re creating and the consistency with which you’re creating it.

Don’t be lazy when it comes to content creation.

I have never done keyword research for this blog but I know when I am consistently blogging topics that are trending or answering questions my clients are asking, my website visits increase.

  • 363 November 2013 – 5 blog posts
  • 159 December 2013 – 0 blog posts
  • 358 January 1 – 18, 2014 – 8 blog posts

Interestingly, I used to get most of the traffic to McAuley Freelance Writing by sharing blog posts on social media. I am now seeing a trend to being found organically and not through social media. The blend, according to Jasmine Holmes of 910 West, is 50% social media and 50% organic. Seems I am heading in the right direction and that’s good for business.

How are you going to increase content creation for your website?