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With many online marketing options available, which one is right for your business? Online marketing experts will tell you it depends on the type of business, industry, budget, target market, and goals. Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is relatively common across industries as it is an easy way to attract users through targeted ads. For some, it makes sense to hire a Pay-Per-Click or PPC agency.

Hiring a Pay-Per-Click Agency to Manage PPC Ads

If you’re considering hiring a PPC agency, ask them how they will create a targeted campaign based on the goals of your business. That means having an understanding of who you’re trying to reach and what the goal is. Are you building an email list? Are you looking for product testers? Are you selling a particular product or service? Make sure you understand the marketing goal before considering a PPC agency.

Types of PPC Agencies

PPC agency offerings vary depending on the needs of their clients and their own areas of expertise. Pricing varies as do specific offerings so it is important to ask questions to find the right agency for your business.

  • Are you seeking qualified leads?
  • Are you wanting sales?
  • Is the purpose of the campaign to create brand awareness?

Understanding and communicating your company’s goal(s) goes a long way toward finding the right PPC agency match. If you’re looking for qualified leads, rather than straight sales, they may take a certain approach. If you’re looking to create brand awareness and customer engagement, their approach will be different. For those who are looking for straight sales, they may take a more targeted and direct approach.

Ask the PPC Agency Questions

Before hiring a PPC agency, interview a few so you better understand what they offer and the cost. They will likely have questions for you as well. Provide as much detailed information about your company as makes sense for the purpose of hiring an agency.

  • Is PPC your agency’s focus?
  • How long have you been doing PPC campaigns?
  • Can you share testimonials and results?
  • Have you done a campaign like what our company needs?
  • If yes, what were the results?

This will give you a clearer picture of what a particular agency can do for you.

What does a Pay-Per-Click or PPC agency do?

The PPC agency creates an advertising campaign aligned with the goals you shared with them and based on their skills and experience. Hiring the cheapest agency may not be the best choice. They may be cheap but they may also not have the skills to guide your advertising campaign. That’s why it is important for you and the agency to have an in-depth conversation.

The campaign features ads that will appear on websites, apps, or popups. For every click, your business pays the owner of the website, app, or platform a fee. These clicks are generated through compelling, targeted ads, as well as strategic SEO placement. Each click is designed to turn into newsletter signups, customer engagement, likes, and/or retweets, all of which lead users to take a specific action. You only pay for the clicks you receive, so many companies prefer this method as they’re guaranteeing the ads they pay for are actually being seen.

Many businesses prefer PPC ads because they’re easy. Advertisers bid for strategic placement. The ads can be boosted via SEO, analytics, and keyword searches. Through targeted advertising, they can ensure that users who are interested in their products will see the ads, reaching those target demographics, customers, and clients. While there is a cost per click, it is relatively inexpensive. Many businesses see this as a good investment and an easy way to drive interest to their products or services. The key is to track expenses versus sales to see if PPC makes sense for the business.

While hiring a PPC agency is an added expense, the agency is the expert, or should be, when it comes to getting your company seen online.

One of the most popular sites for PPC advertising is Google Ads. Their easy to use platform makes it simple for any user to create advertisements using their own computer. Creative use of keywords, SEO, and more enable these various ads to gain the coveted website and search engine space. It encourages users to practice their marketing skills and learn how pay-per-click advertisements work.

While PPC ads are an easy way to market, and through platforms like Google Ads, they are even easy to create, they aren’t always easy to implement. You need a trained team that has experience creating PPC campaigns and know the ins and outs of SEO, targeted ads and marketing. Hiring a Pay-Per-Click or PPC agency key to ensuring that your PPC advertising campaign engages with the customers you want and results in real sales. If you’re looking for some cost-effective and easy marketing, hiring a PPC agency to create a pay-per-click advertising campaign is a really smart way to get some clicks that turn into customers and customers that turn into regular sales.