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According to research, social media has enabled 90% of marketers to increase their business exposure, while 75% have noticed an increase in traffic. From this, you can tell the massive impact of social media on the current environment and how you can find clever ways to make money from social media. Below are a few tips on how to convert your social media usage into a source of revenue.

Advertise and sell what you have to offer

Since social media houses billions of people from all over the world, it is an excellent platform for marketing and trading. This is because social media will enable you to find and get access to a wide range of customers and potential customers who may be interested in your product or services. You can sell your products to other social media users and earn some money.

Most purchases will be made online, and the customer may not be able to have a feel of the product or service before they place an order. Given this, try as much as possible to present your goods and services in the most attractive and creative way possible so that you can catch the eye of customers quickly. The attractiveness of your presentation will cause your customers and potential customers to make purchases instantly without overthinking.

Remain consistent if you’re trying to make money from social media

Consistency is critical in every level of business, both online and conventionally. Whatever business you are into, be it blog writing, YouTubing, or serving as a brand influencer for products and services, you can achieve and enlarge your customer base by being active and consistent on your social media page. By doing so, you communicate your level of professionalism and eagerness towards your business and customers.

It will draw many more customers to you since most customers would prefer to do business with a page with more content and interaction. Customers would definitely choose your product and services over others where they see less engagement. However, note that regular postings do not necessarily mean you should post every day. Instead, set a standard for yourself; it could be weekly or even monthly postings, and remain consistent with it. That way, your customers and potential customers will have their attention on your page and may even begin to anticipate your next post or engagement.

Make visits to your page worthwhile

The best way to provide value to your customers online is by providing the best customer service to them. It helps to set your business apart from the others with similar products or services. The primary purpose of social media is to help people all around the world connect and engage with each other. With this in mind, make sure to engage or communicate with every person that visits your page in a very welcoming manner.

Make sure that every individual who visits your page feels very welcome and has their questions replied quickly. By doing so, you motivate them to come over again and do business with you. Remember that you cannot afford for someone to leave your page with a wrong impression. It may influence their recommendations or referrals and make them negative ones. News spreads like wildfire on social media, so one lousy word put in has the potential to ruin your business.

Share a captivating story or experience

tell a story

Sharing stories or experiences on social media enables people to connect and relate with each other. So, when you share your stories, your customers will be able to connect with you on a deeper level. You can share personal experiences about your life or even share your career journey. It makes them feel like they were on the journey with you and feel a sense of belonging, and it ignites a sense of friendship and family. They are likely to show loyalty towards you and your business repeatedly and increase the number of referrals. Your website then begins to experience more traffic, which can easily translate into more sales.

Social media has made it possible for people to convert their talents and interests, even hobbies, into money-making opportunities, so do not let this opportunity pass you by. For example, People who enjoy teaching use social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to teach various topics. Fortunately, there is available information if you want to learn more on how to monetise your Facebook page. People with excellent writing skills are also using social media to influence businesses worldwide by writing blogs. They are making money from doing what they love, and so can you.