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Are you thinking about marketing your online business? If so, there are a few factors to consider. We’ve got four questions to get you started and to hopefully help you avoid making mistakes as you promote products and services. 

  1. What is the budget for your online business?

    While business owners may have money to spend on marketing, it is likely not an infinite amount. Analyze expenses to determine the cost versus benefit for a particular campaign, Many online campaigns are a slow burn meaning it takes time to cultivate the leads and sales. Unfortunately, there is no set guide on how much you will need to spend on a successful marketing campaign. However, you can confer with marketing professionals to ensure that you make the right decisions.

  2. Can you do it yourself?

    If your online business is new, consider doing certain elements yourself so you can control the budget. There are multiple free resources available online to get you started with the basics of web design, blogging and content writing, social media, and ads. You will need to dedicate time to learning and executing so consider how fast you can pick up on these tasks versus the cost of hiring someone. Certain marketing elements might seem straightforward but are actually incredibly complex. One of the key examples of this is almost certainly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which varies in complexity depending on what the online business needs.

  3. Do You Need A Specialist Team?

    For some businesses, it may be beneficial to hire out for marketing solutions, especially if the business is specialized. For instance, companies like Elite Lawyer Management are ideal for media and PR management for authors and other creatives. They have a heavier focus on PR to ensure that they do gain interest from the media, rather than the more typical online promotion. The same is true for a struggling business that may need a specialist to sell a niche product or service.

  4. What is the part of the online business that you want to promote?

    This will guide which form of online marketing you choose. Are you trying to reach customers? Then social media channels like Facebook and Instagram may be the best. In other cases, email marketing could be crucial. Alternatively, you might find that you need to focus more on local SEO. This will be crucial for local service companies who rely on a customer base within a set region rather than an international audience.

Analyze your online business carefully to determine where you want growth and then develop an online marketing strategy to meet those goals. Then determine the budget and whether your team can handle the marketing or whether you need to hire specialists. While this list is in no way complete, we hope it gets you started thinking about marketing an online business.