ekp-mcauley--4-2You’re a business owner who is developing a marketing plan.

You know you should be blogging.

You don’t know what to blog.

You’re overwhelmed because you’re just not sure how to get started.

Here are steps for getting started blogging:

  1. Read More: Find resources to help you generate ideas on which you can write. For example, I read about content marketing and social media because I want to know what others are saying. Reading helps me generate ideas not only for this blog but for my clients.
  2. Make a Note of It: I show my age when I say I take a pen to paper and write my ideas in a notebook. Whether you’re using paper and pen or an app like Evernote, make a note when an idea pops into your head. When a client asks a question you’ve answered 100 times, that’s a great idea for a blog post too.
  3. Create a Calendar: One of the most productive steps I took in my business was to create an editorial calendar for blogging. I took the ideas scribbled in a notebook and put them in a spreadsheet with dates and blog categories listed.
  4. Vary your Content: Select a few topics on which you will write and develop topics for those areas. It will help you stay focused.
  5. Repurpose: Don’t just write and leave it on your blog. Share the ideas and posts across a variety of platforms – social media, podcast, video, and email newsletter are among the most popular for content creators.

Adding content to your website is becoming more important to Google search engine rankings. One of the most effective ways to add content to your website is to be blogging at least once a week. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of blogging or need some guidance getting started, we’d love to chat!