Writing an About Me page is a vulnerable task. Talking about ourselves in order to persuade others to connect, to change, or to do business with us can force us out our comfort zone and into a spiral of doubt and overwhelm:

Where do I begin?

How do I cram decades of experience into 300 words?

Does this even sound like me?

I give up! 

Here are three ways you can stop spinning your wheels and start engaging your audience with the authentic you.

1.    Start your About Me Page with the right hook.

Your hook is an emotional trigger that speaks to what hurts or fulfills your audience. Begin your About Me Page with a personal pain point or a consistent and life-changing benefit you’ve experienced through the work you do. Write it in the form of an anecdote or a shocking statistic.

Examples: I woke up ten years ago with the last hangover I’d ever have. In order to reclaim my sobriety and my life, I created the Alan Detox System®…

85% of the hundreds of clients I see each year report that Alan Detox System® has helped them get and stay sober for a year or more.

2.      Inspire trust through results.

Trust is the glue that binds readers to your message. To inspire trust, describe how your audience benefits from your current offerings. In other words, how does the work you do help clients, customers, etc. get the results they’re longing for?

Include a client testimonial, summary of results, awards/qualifications, or any data you’ve collected to illustrate the results you give. Don’t give them a resume—give them solutions. 

Examples: With my step-by-step Functional Family Bootcamp program, I’ve brought my own family and hundreds of others from dysfunction and stress to better bonding and healthier boundaries.

Here’s what a Functional Family Bootcamp client had to say:

Before Functional Family Bootcamp, our family home was a war zone. A year later, we’re communicating, we’re enjoying each other’s company every single day, and our lifestyles took a complete 180 for the better.” – Jim Jones, Functional Family Bootcamp Graduate 

3.    Invite your audience to want more.

Challenge audience to imagine how their lives would be different with the results you provide. Write questions or statements that invite them to reflect on the difference between their current pain and possible fulfillment. Then, call them to action.

Examples: How would your life change if your marriage was a sanctuary—and not a living Hell?

If you’re ready to stop struggling and start feeling fulfilled in your marriage, let’s schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation at https://www.asharedpathah.com/.

Writing about yourself effectively is a venture outside your comfort zone that does wonders for your audience engagement. Remember to start your About Me page with an emotional hook, inspire trust through results, and invite your audience to want more of both you and the benefits you provide. By following these three tips, you’ll be well on your way to an engaging About Me.