Thank you to our guest blogger Toni-Ann of The Swiss Freis.

Traveling to new countries and experiencing new cultures is one of the most exhilarating experiences anyone can have. Our travel tips for bloggers include getting organized, capturing photographic memories, and making the most of your experience. We understand that while travel can be exciting, it can prove to be quite stressful, especially for bloggers who want to document all their experiences to share with their readers.

You may be wondering, “How can I document my travels without missing a single detail?” and we’ve got ideas.

10 Travel Tips for Bloggers on the Go

  1. Use a Note Taking Application: Using your cell phone’s note application will help you to jot down any important information you’ve discovered on your trip. Other note taking applications that can be useful are Google Docs and Evernote that streamline your notes to all your connected devices.
  2. Create a Travel Writing Template:  This technique will help to remind you of all the important aspects to note on your trip. Creating topics/headings like restaurants/food and landmarks will help you to take notes on each individual aspect of your trip and will help to give you a more thorough post at the end of the day.
  3. Use Memory Cards with Large Memory Space:  Videos and photographs can take up a lot of memory so travelling with memory cards that have a lot of GBs will provide you enough space to document your travels sufficiently.
  4. Clear Your Memory Cards Before Your Trip: Ensure that your memory cards are emptied before your trip so there’s no time wasted fumbling around trying to delete old pictures from your last excursion.
  5. Create a Unique In-Camera File Naming System: If you’re using a DSLR change your camera’s file naming system to something unique & personal so you can easily differentiate the photos that come from your camera vs. your cell phone. For example, instead of having a generic camera file name of ‘IMAGE’ change it to TAO (My name’s initials). This would mean my file names would look something like this – TAO001.dng instead of IMAGE0001.dng.
  6. Shoot Your Images in RAW: If you’re using a DSLR. This image format (RAW) is the best for editing shots in the post processing phase in programs like Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.
  7. Use Your Cell phone for Impromptu Pictures: Your cellphone is your friend when you need to catch an impromptu picture. Have it on the ready so you’ll never miss a fleeting moment. Cell phones are also more discreet so are better for taking shots in places where people don’t like a large camera being shoved in their faces. They’ll only think of you as an innocent tourist. Having a cellphone that takes RAW images is a great option for those who still want the quality and ease of editing photos taken with a DSLR.
  8. Transfer Pictures to Your Laptop Daily: So as not to get confused once your whole trip is finished, transfer the images on your memory cards to your laptop daily. This will not only help you to create space on your memory cards but will also help you to organize the events of your trip and ensure your images are secure.
  9. Create an Organized File-Saving System for Your Images. Typically I create one general folder that has the name of the trip. Then within this general folder create subfolders that are named for each of the the different days of my trip (eg. Day 1: The Eiffel Tower & Notre Dame). This will help you to easily find your photos once it’s time to write your post.
  10. Enjoy the Moment: Finally, one of the most important travel tips for bloggers is to ENJOY THE MOMENT! The most wonderful memories you’ll recall on any trip are the ones that have left a lasting impression. After all, these are the genuine human experiences your readers will love to read about.

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