With more than 610 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the largest professional network worldwide. The social networking culture is different from the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook because it is designed for business professionals who are using LinkedIn for business and not to connect with friends like other social media sites.

Unlike other social media platforms, which prominently feature cat videos and selfies, LinkedIn is more serious. It consists of experts and professionals looking to expand their network and increase their business. You won’t see any content that isn’t some way related to companies, marketing or business.

When it comes to business branding, no matter the size of the business, key players should be portrayed as experts in their field. Choosing the right social media for your brand is key; if you’re business to business (B2B), it makes sense to use LinkedIn and here’s why.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

According to Hubspot, LinkedIn is more effective in lead generation compared to other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, they found that the site generated a 2.74 percent of visitor-to-lead conversion rate. Meanwhile, Facebook only generated about 0.77 percent conversion rate and twitter only got about 0.69 percent. This makes LinkedIn 3 times more effective or 277 percent higher than both the mentioned social channels.

LinkedIn Increases Brand Recognition

Creating a LinkedIn account for you or a page for your business increases visibility of your brand online. With more than half a million users, there are about 260 million who are active monthly and with whom you can connect. Posting relevant content and publishing original content on LinkedIn are affordable and effective ways to get your brand noticed online. Sharing relevant and original content on LinkedIn is affordable and is one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed and solidify your position as a trusted expert.

Using LinkedIn for Business Showcases You as the Expert

While LinkedIn showcases your brand, product or services, the Recommendation feature allows other professionals to endorse you and highlight areas of skills or expertise. I recommend reaching out to specific people in your network that you trust to request recommendations; offer talking points to guide them. Not only will they appreciate your guidance, you will get a review that speaks to the expertise you want noticed by clients and prospects. 

For those seeking to work with other businesses, using LinkedIn for business may make sense for your marketing plan. Statistics suggest it may even be the most effective tool for lead generation when compared to other social networking sites. This is due in large part to the user base and ability to establish yourself and your brand as an expert leader in your field.

Using LinkedIn for business is an effective way to grow your business and build your brand online. For more on this topic, visit the Blogging Badass article Using LinkedIn for Business.

Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He is currently a writer for Mountain Springs Recovery and can be reached through his website the Patrick Bailey Blog.